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Our new puppet theatre!

Our new puppet theatre! 1
Our new puppet theatre! 2

Welcome back to Unstone EYFS unit. 

We hope you have had a good holiday and are ready for our new term.


Here is a great place to see what we have been working on as a class and to share photos and examples of your children's work. We are incredibly proud of all the children in our EYFS unit and all the fun that we have together.


Our current topic is ...

We will be looking at our topic through the 7 Areas of Learning that we enjoy in our EYFS unit. 

  • PSED - Looking after ourselves, making friends and keeping healthy
  • C&L - Communication and Language, learning how to get our point across and listen to our friends
  • Literacy - Reading and Writing, learning sounds and mark making
  • Maths - Counting, playing with numbers and learning about shapes
  • EAD - Lots of role play, acting and creating fantastic art work
  • UTW - Learning all about people, communities, the world around us and technology
  • PD - Physical development. Gross motor, such as dancing and riding bikes and fine motor such as cutting with scissors and holding a pencil.
As part of our EAD, we have been making transient art. This is art that is made up of different objects which are then put away again afterwards.  This type of art is fantastic for trying out ideas and thinking about design.
Below are some links to websites that support the work we are doing in school.