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Nursery/Reception Ladybirds

Week 6 is here! Hope all is well with you and your families. We are sending all our thoughts and love at this tricky time. We are missing you all very much.

This week would have been our lead up to the Easter holidays. So lots of Easter crafts and talking about Easter.

There are two separate documents one for Nursery and one for Reception to support you with ideas. Of course you can go with your own, that would be fine too. 

Hope you find it comprehensive. Have fun with your child, encourage don't force.

Well hello,


Hope you all are well in these funny times we are having. 

I have put together a bit of a timetable that your child would have been following in school in the hope that it will give you a little something to follow.


I will up date each week with our focus and ideas. 

There is one for Nursery and one for Reception. 


Take care and have fun with you child. 



Welcome back and Happy New Year. What a great start we have had. The children have come back settled and ready to learn. We have had a lovely first week learning about Endangered animals, with a little help from our story of the week 'Oi! Get off our train. 

We have introduced a deconstructed role play into the class this week and the children love it. They use their imagination and communication  skills to build a number of different vehicles. 

Our topic this term is Rails, Roads and Runways. (Transport). So lots of fun to be had.


A great start to the New Year.

A great start to the New Year. 1
A great start to the New Year. 2

Autumn 2

Just one more week before our little break from everything, then we are back to being busy. We return on Monday 4th November. Our parents evenings will be the week commencing 11th November on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please see any of the foundation team to make an appointment. 

Next term our topic will be Festivals and Christmas and we have lots of  fun and exciting things to look forward to. 



Autumn 1

What a great start to the new school year.

The children have all been busy getting to know the environment and having lots of hands on experiences. 

A warm welcome to all our new nursery children who are settling quite nicely and enjoying our very busy unit.

We have learned about ourselves and our families, and more recently about The Harvest and Autumn. We have had stories, played instruments and sang songs. Hopefully the children are coming home and sharing a little about the things we have been learning about.

Thank you to parents for all the help and support on getting your child settled in. It's a tricky business when they enter a new environment. However now they are settling we can get on and have lots of fun and exciting learning moments.


Welcome to Ladybird's Page


We are looking forward to seeing all the foundation stage children soon!

Our topic will be 'wonderful me'.

Watch this space for photographs of our exciting activities!


Here's a look at the wonderful activities our foundation children have been involved in.


Our topic this term is all about being a hero!

Here are some of the exciting things we have been experiencing in our foundation unit.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We enjoyed experimenting, as part of a whole school science afternoon.

We enjoyed experimenting, as part of a whole school science afternoon. 1 Skittle rainbows.
We enjoyed experimenting, as part of a whole school science afternoon. 2 Lava lamps.

Come and take 5 minutes to reflect, in our thinking zone.

Come and take 5 minutes to reflect, in our thinking zone. 1
Come and take 5 minutes to reflect, in our thinking zone. 2

Have a drink in our ice cafe.

Have a drink in our ice cafe. 1

Our new puppet theatre!

Our new puppet theatre! 1
Our new puppet theatre! 2

Welcome back to Unstone EYFS unit. 

We hope you have had a good holiday and are ready for our new term.


Here is a great place to see what we have been working on as a class and to share photos and examples of your children's work. We are incredibly proud of all the children in our EYFS unit and all the fun that we have together.


Our current topic is ...

We will be looking at our topic through the 7 Areas of Learning that we enjoy in our EYFS unit. 

  • PSED - Looking after ourselves, making friends and keeping healthy
  • C&L - Communication and Language, learning how to get our point across and listen to our friends
  • Literacy - Reading and Writing, learning sounds and mark making
  • Maths - Counting, playing with numbers and learning about shapes
  • EAD - Lots of role play, acting and creating fantastic art work
  • UTW - Learning all about people, communities, the world around us and technology
  • PD - Physical development. Gross motor, such as dancing and riding bikes and fine motor such as cutting with scissors and holding a pencil.
As part of our EAD, we have been making transient art. This is art that is made up of different objects which are then put away again afterwards.  This type of art is fantastic for trying out ideas and thinking about design.
Below are some links to websites that support the work we are doing in school.