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Keeping Safe Online

At Unstone Schools Federation we take the safety of our pupils in all aspects of their life very seriously. Within that remit we are committed to educating our young people to be safe internet users and in supporting parents with this very important skill at home too.

The best way to protect your children online is to be informed yourself and make it part of your day to day life. We train our children to cross the road and stay away from strangers in the outside world in all the daily little messages we give them before we ever let them out there on their own.

Training them to be safe online should be an equal part of these safety messages, after all they can be out in the `world wide web’ from a very young age, unsupervised at times. Use the websites below to help you find the best ways to talk to your children about keeping safe online.


Please remember that Social Media Sites (e.g. Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Instagram etc) have a minimum age requirement of 13+ in their terms and conditions. Also Whats App and other internet based messaging services can only be used by 16 year olds and over.


Please read the leaflets below which also have links to useful websites;