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Year 5/6 Oaks

2019 Oaks Term 3

We are studying the Tudors this half term, which the children already seem very interested in!

In our History lessons we will be looking at various themes, including crime and punishment, everyday life and Henry V111 and his 6 wives.

In Design and Technology, we will be making a Tudor house- children have been asked to bring in cereal boxes. We need 23 so all donations will be greatly appreciated!

Throughout Maths we will be looking at fractions.

In RE we will studying Tudor Christianity.

In Science our topic will be Earth and Space. After one lesson, I realised the children were very enthusiastic about this topic and I am looking forward to further discussions!

Children are continuing with Clarinet lessons so please make sure they have them with them for Tuesday.

PE will be on a Thursday, so children must have their PE kit in school on this day.


We will be going on our whole school trip on January 23rd to Warwick Castle. This a great trip and I’m sure the children will gain a lot from it. Plus, they will have an amazing day! Please see the letter handed out regarding costs and details.


The children will bring a list of spellings to learn every Monday and they will be tested the following Monday.


Homework is handed out on a Thursday and is due back on Monday. They will have Maths homework related to the Maths in class. The English homework will be a comprehension activity related to the learning in class.


Year 6 Children

As I’m sure you are aware, Year 6 have their tests in May. We are starting their booster after school lessons on Wednesday 16th January. These sessions are really important and will benefit the children greatly. I hope all children will attend.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in asking myself or Mrs Taylor.

Best Regards

Teresa Sutton



2018-2019 Autumn Term 2

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Oaks for giving me a really warm welcome to the school! I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week at Unstone Junior School and look forward to the future!

Kind Regards

Teresa Sutton


Our Curriculum this half term should be great! We are going to be studying a wide variety of texts around the theme of Narnia. Currently, we are concentrating on narrative and the children have written some excellent descriptive pieces.

We are looking at internet safety in ICT which is very important. Children and adults need to stay safe online and know the dangers that may occur.

In History we are studying The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We have already looked at the start of the Shang Dynasty and the children have made some amazing dragons in Art linked to History. These will be displayed in school so please come and have a look.

In Science we are looking at Living Things and their Habitats. In the first lesson children had to classify animal according to characteristics for a new zoo!

In Maths our over-arching theme is multiplication and division and following that, statistics. We are currently introducing a new scheme which is called Big Maths, which allows the children to embed their basic skills so that they can move onto problem solving and reasoning easily.


The children will bring a list of spellings to learn every Monday and they will be tested the following Monday.

PE takes place on a Thursday and Friday. Friday is swimming, therefore the children need their swimming kit in school.

Homework is handed out on a Thursday and is due back on Monday. They will have Maths homework related to the maths in class. The English homework will be a comprehension activity related to the learning in class.


Music takes place on a Tuesday and therefore children will need to have their clarinet in school.


 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in asking myself or Mrs Taylor.

Best Regards

Teresa Sutton

Welcome to Year 5 and 6 2018-2019

Autumn Term 1

Hi everyone and a huge welcome to the Year 5 and 6 page. It has been a very busy beginning to the new school year. The children have made a fantastic start and I am proud to say that the year 6's are acting as excellent ambassadors to the whole of the school and in particular to the year 5's who are new to the year 5/6 class. 


Already this year we have made our first school outing to the Community Centre, to take part in the World Peace Day celebrations. The children looked fantastically smart in their school uniforms and sang 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' beautifully. 


This term our whole school topic is the Ancient Greeks - lots of fun was had on our immersion day when we enjoyed making Greek food and made togas out of plastic bags to attend the Greek toga party in the afternoon. We also learned about Greek artefacts and made some very impressive Greek pottery. 


This term has already seen us welcome a new addition to the class in the form of Popeye our school fish. We have fish monitors who are responsible for looking after him and we are all eagerly awaiting some friends for Popeye to share his tank with in the coming weeks. Please feel free to pop in and see him or ask the children all about him.


Please remember: -

PE kits to be in school at all times.

Swimming costumes and towels on Fridays starting 22.09.17.

Water bottles - as these help us concentrate.

Homework goes out on Thursdays and is due back in on Mondays.

Spellings and Times tables homework goes out on Tuesdays for tests the following Tuesday.


Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Mrs Taylor if you have any questions or concerns.


Best regards

Sara Griffiths


This week in Literacy we have been learning about personification and pathetic fallacy. To help us with this we have studied an extract from Mary Shelley''s Frankenstein. We then wrote our own openings to Chapter 5 of the novel where Dr Frankenstein brings his experiment to life.


Below are some of the openings that the children wrote:


Imagine a night, a dreary night like no other. There was fog smothering the walls and rain scratching at the window where I'd accomplished my toils. An anxiety pulsed through me! My heart was pounding, it drove me to agony. I collected my instruments as I convulsed the creatures chest with some of the equipment, suddenly one of his crisp green eyelids slid open.

Irene Aged 10


It was on a gloomy night in November the monotonous dreary rain mournfully scratched at the window. I stood there, staring at the thing I had created due to my toils. With the candle nearly burnt out, a convulsive motion suddenly agitated its limbs, then I realised! What had I done?

Archie Aged 11


It was a dark cloudy night. The rain bolted across the sky hitting the helpless window. There I was standing in the lab with all the instruments around me. There was the helpless body. The electricity struck the creature. A crisp eye opened. I couldn't believe I'd brought a dead body to life. Or had I...

Theo Aged 9


Imagine a place where nothing is normal. The moaning rain jolted onto my chamber window. It lay at the tips of my toes. The thing. I put my electronic tools to work. I was very nervous but deep down I knew it was going to be ok. After a few attempts it worked. It took a deep breath and its crisp green eyelid opened wide. It agitated its arms. Then I realised. What had I done?

Amelia Aged 10


On a dreary foggy night I heard the rain clawing on the window and the howling wind furiously shooting past. I took a break and looked at the thing I had accomplished. My body was pounding, heart thumping, as the thing I had created opened its crusty eyelids and convulsed a couple of times.

Sophie Aged 11


It was a wet cold night, the aggravated rain hammered against the old condensated window. It was freezing, it was causing me to have sleepless nights. Soon I went to sleep and I started to visualise the big yellow eyed abomination I had once attempted to reanimate from the dead. I imagined it , with its eyes closed. Its muscles twitched with the unfamiliar body parts that I had sewn together. Then with no expression nor words its yellow eye inched open.

Max Aged 11


It was a sombre night in November, the wind howling and rain scratching at the windows, that I behold my almost complete creation. My heart at this point was pounding so hard that it felt like it was going to explode. I gathered my instruments of life and sparked life into the lifeless thing. Its eye flickered open. It breathed hard and a convulsion raided its limbs. What had I done?

Beth Aged 10


It was a lonely overcast night; I could hear the furious rain scraping against the window. I stood over the lifeless thing. I pressed the button. Finally (after all my endeavours) its eye slid open.

Daisy Aged 11


Imagine a location where paranormal events happen. The raging storm began. With my head down I examined the accomplishments of my toils. I could feel the anxiousness pulsating, racing through my body. The rain scraped at my windows; wind screaming and surrounding my house. I stood staring at the thing I had produced. My candle flickered as if it was the  last movement it would make. With all my instruments at my fingertips I thought I could infuse a shock of energy and life into this creature. When the last flicker of light shone I saw a crisp yellow eye appear from behind the eyelid of my beast. Suddenly, agitation convulsed its limbs.

Esme Aged 11



I would like to say a huge thank you and well done to all the Year 6 children that took their SAT's tests this week. You all worked very hard and tried your very best. A huge thank you also goes out to the parents for making their week successful by ensuring that they were in bed early and arrived at school on time. It was great to see so many children at Breakfast club.


The Year 5's also deserve a huge thank you and well done; they have been excellently behaved and worked really hard despite the disruption caused by the tests. 


To celebrate the end of a hard week and to acknowledge the Royal Wedding tomorrow - today saw the Year 5/6 class taking part in a Royal Wedding Celebration day. See some of the fab photos below of how we celebrated.


Great British Bake Off comes to Unstone Junior School:

The task was to make a wedding cake for the Royal Wedding. The children decided Boys v Girls would be a good idea



These are pictures of the girls' cake



Here are pictures of the Boys' cake


And both cakes together


The children decorated the garden for the event


The children made wedding dresses and morning suits to attend the garden party.


And finally three very special visitors arrived to join in with the celebrations.


A fantastic fun filled day for everyone.