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Ladybirds - EYFS unit

Welcome back Ladybirds!


Miss Marples and I  are excited to welcome you back into class after an amazing break.

Below you will find all the information about the exciting things we will be learning in school this half term.


Our topic this half term is – Tales from Across the Sea.


In English, the children will be using books linked to our topic of Tales From Across the Sea. In the first few weeks we will be focusing on Tinga Tinga Tales, Why Elephant has a Trunk – which is a British animated children’s series based on African folk tales. Before Elephant had a trunk life was difficult, but with a SNAP from a crocodile the jungle animals find out good things can come from bad. In the latter half of term, we will be focusing on Giraffes Can’t Dance – which is a touching tale about a giraffe who wants nothing more than to dance. His crooked knees and thin legs make this difficult, but some encouraging words from an unlikely friend turn his dreams into reality.







In Maths this term the children will be working on securing number facts within 5 and introducing size, weight, and time.




Alive in 5 and growing 6, 7, 8


  • Introducing 0
  • Pairing numbers to 5
  • Composition of 4-8
  • Compare mass
  • Compare capacity
  • Combining two amounts
  • Making pairs
  • Length and height
  • time

Please continue to log on to Numbots at home as this really helps.


Understanding the World

In UTW this term the children will be researching differences between where they live compared to others. The children compare the environment, climate and who lives there. They will also be learning to appreciate certain artefacts are old and sometimes reused over time.



In RE this term the children will be answering the question: ‘What places are special and why? The children will share their own special places, learn about places special to Christians and Muslims and start to discuss similarities and differences between them.



In PSHE this term, lessons will cover the theme – Dreams and Goals.




In art the children will be looking at different ways of making African animals. The children will explore several methods to create their chosen animals.


PE will now be on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Children should come to school in their PE kit. PE kit should consist of a plain white t shirt, plain black shorts and trainers.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in asking myself or Miss Marples.

Best Regards

Miss Mason


.Term 2

This term our topic is -  A Light in the Dark.



In English this term, we will be looking at three different stories. For our first four weeks, we will focus on the book 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson. Followed by The Nativity for three weeks and finishing with the book, 'The Snowman' for a final week of Christmas fun.


We will be following our Talk for Writing scheme, beginning with learning actions to the stories, developing story maps, writing simple words and beginning to write simple sentences.





In Maths this term our themes are:  'It's me 1,2,3!' and 'Light and Dark'. During It's me 1,2,3 the lessons will


  • Representing 1, 2 & 3;

  • Comparing 1, 2 & 3;

  • Composition of 1, 2 & 3;

  • Circles and triangles;

  • Positional language.


During Light and Dark the lessons will cover:

  • Representing numbers to 5;

  • One more or less;

  • Shapes with 4 sides;

  • Time.

Understanding the World.

In Understanding the World, we will be exploring celebrations. These will include:  Bonfire night, Remembrance day, Diwali and Christmas through discussions and activities. 


We will also be exploring our topic of A Light in the Dark.We will discuss and access activities to cover day and night, shadows, stars, nocturnal animals and hibernation. 

In RE we ask the question,  Who is special to you and why?




PSHE lessons will be covering the topic - Celebrating Differences


Please continue to support your children with their homework and remember to log onto Numbots and Spelling shed regularly. Homework is handed out every Wednesday and is due back the following Monday. 


If you require any more information, then please don't hesitate in asking.

Kind regards.

Mrs Armstrong, Miss Mason and Miss Marples.



Welcome back Ladybirds to the first term of the school year. We look forward to welcoming you back and hearing all about yourself in our topic 'Me, Myself and I'.



In Literacy this term we will be looking at three stories. Our first week we will read and discuss the book 'Have you filled a bucket today?'










This will support our focus on our class routines and rules and being kind and helpful in our classroom and school.

We then move our focus to the story 'Only one you'. 

We will be discussing friendships, kindness and our favorite objects and activities. 

Lastly we move onto the story 'Super Duper you'.


We will focus our discussions and activities all about our ourselves and our families.




In maths this term our themes are 'Getting to know you' and 'Just like me'. These include number ryhmes, group number games, number recognition, match and sort, comparing amounts, size, mass and capacity, finishing with exploring patterns.


Understanding the World.

In Understanding the World we will be exploring and discussing our bodies and how we look after ourselves. We will also be sharing our likes and dislikes, discussing our families and how we change as we grow.


In RE we will be asking the questions 'Which stories are special and why?' and 'what is special to us?. With focuses on the bible stories David and Goliath and promises. Moving onto introducing the Qur'an.


Physical Development.

Our PE days are on a Wednesday and Friday and we ask parents to send their child in their PE kit on these days.


If you have any questions about the new term please don't hesitate to ask either Mrs Armstrong, Miss Mason or Miss Marples.