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Ladybirds - EYFS unit

Welcome back Ladybirds to the first term of the school year. We look forward to welcoming you back and hearing all about yourself in our topic 'Me, Myself and I'.



In Literacy this term we will be looking at three stories. Our first week we will read and discuss the book 'Have you filled a bucket today?'










This will support our focus on our class routines and rules and being kind and helpful in our classroom and school.

We then move our focus to the story 'Only one you'. 

We will be discussing friendships, kindness and our favorite objects and activities. 

Lastly we move onto the story 'Super Duper you'.


We will focus our discussions and activities all about our ourselves and our families.




In maths this term our themes are 'Getting to know you' and 'Just like me'. These include number ryhmes, group number games, number recognition, match and sort, comparing amounts, size, mass and capacity, finishing with exploring patterns.


Understanding the World.

In Understanding the World we will be exploring and discussing our bodies and how we look after ourselves. We will also be sharing our likes and dislikes, discussing our families and how we change as we grow.


In RE we will be asking the questions 'Which stories are special and why?' and 'what is special to us?. With focuses on the bible stories David and Goliath and promises. Moving onto introducing the Qur'an.


Physical Development.

Our PE days are on a Wednesday and Friday and we ask parents to send their child in their PE kit on these days.


If you have any questions about the new term please don't hesitate to ask either Mrs Armstrong, Miss Mason or Miss Marples.



Welcome back to our last term before the summer holidays and what a busy term it will be.


This term our topic is 'Under the sea' and we will be concentrating on all the different sea creatures there are in the ocean. We will be exploring these through discussions, art and play.

In literacy the children will be looking at two stories, these are 'The Snail and the Whale' and 'Dear Greenpeace'.


We will be concentrating on writing short sentences with full stops and capital letters. We will also be describing settings through speech, discussions and writing. We will be encouraging the children to learn new vocabulary from our stories to use throughout their play.


In Maths the themes are find my pattern and on the move. These include doubling, sharing and grouping, looking at patterns, even and odd numbers and spatial reasoning.


In Understanding the World we will be comparing and contrasting the different environments around the world. We will discussing past and present through looking at how we have changed over the years. Also as a special treat we are lucky to have been given an incubator. We will be observing the eggs and discussing the life cycle of a chick. 


In RE we will be asking the question 'Which people are special and why?


PSHE lessons will be covering the topic changing me.


Our nursery rhymes all fit in with our topic 'Under the sea' and these are 'Trish the fish' and 'Under the sea'.


Homework is checked and new reading books are sent home every Friday. Please can you continue to read and practice phonics daily with your child.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate in asking.


Happy New Year

The topic this term is people from the past and over the next six weeks we will be concentrating on old and new forms of transport. We will compare and contrast land, water and air transport through discussions, art and play.

In Literacy the children will be looking at two stories, these are 'The Train Ride' and 'Mr Grumpy's Motor Car'


We shall be concentrating on sequencing stories, writing labels, captions and lists and rhyming strings.


In Maths the themes are Alive in Five and Growing 6,7 and 8.

These include comparing numbers to 5, composition to the number 8, comparing mass and capacity, matching numbers 6,7 and 8, adding more and measuring.


In Understanding the World we are exploring how things work and past and present modes of transport. We will also introduce simple coding and programming using ourselves and then moving onto programming our Beetbots.


In RE we will be asking the question 'What is special about the world?


PSHE Lessons will cover the theme Dreams and Goals.


Our nursery rhymes this term fit into our topic of transport and these are 'Wheels on the bus', Row, row, row your boat' and ' I'm a little aeroplane'.


PE will be on Tuesday and a Wednesday and we ask that your children come to school in their PE kit.



Homework is checked and new work set every Monday, please can you continue to practice phonics and read with your child daily. Library books to be returned and changed every week.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in asking.




Welcome back to school Ladybirds. 


We are so excited to have you back and hope you had a lovely summer holiday.  There have been some changes in Ladybirds this half term.  We are following the new EYFS curriculum and have got some new staff.  A copy of our EYFS curriculum is on this page.  We are delighted to have the classroom looking so busy and fun again after all the restrictions and we hope that you love coming to school.  Our topic this half term is 'Celebrating Life'  and the question is, 'What makes me wonderful?'.  We will be talking about your homes and families so please bring in any photos you might have.


Our teachers who can’t wait to help you in your learning journey are;


Mrs McParland                         

Mrs Armstrong                                 

Miss Marples

Mrs Farrah                                       

Miss Vicki



Below are this weeks activities to go alongside the teaching and learning. Choose one maths, one phonics and one topic each day. Remember to have fun! 

Autumn 2 20/21

What a fabulous Autumn 1 we have had. The children came back eager to learn and have proven extremely resilient owing to the present circumstances. We are proud of each and everyone of our children in Foundation and we are looking forward to welcoming them back. 

Autumn 2 topic is entitled 'Out of this World.' For the first half of the term we will be thinking about everything space like, including, rockets, spacemen, aliens, planets, the moon landings and lots more. The latter half of the term will be about celebrations and we will be thinking about how different people have different celebrations and beliefs. So lots of lovely things to keep your little ones busy and excited.  

Please find below an overview of what we will be learning each week. Some of it may change as we plan to the children's interests.

Autumn 1 20/21

We are so excited to welcome you all back to school. 

The first few weeks will be about settling in and getting used to the environment. 

Our topic this term is titled 'I am amazing'. There will be lots of learning about ourselves and our families. We will  be exploring our feelings and how to express and manage  them.

Later on in the term we will be learning about the Harvest.  

Helping your child to learn at home is a massive support for them. Develop a love of reading by telling them a story every night. Encourage them to look at books and discuss what is happening in the pictures and the story. Find opportunities to count  with them. Count how many stairs you have, how may red cars have they got? how many blue? How many dolls have they got? etc.

Remember you can always get in touch and share you child's achievements via class dojo.

Attached is our Welcome booklet which contains information about the unit. The contents have been adjusted to support the tricky times we are in. Hope you find it useful. 


Have a fun week! Keep posting those achievements! You are doing a great job! Remember to keep the learning fun! 
Have a fun week!

Good Morning


Thank you to all who have sent children's learning via class dojo. We love to see how they are doing. As I have said before it doesn't have to be what I have set. It could be anything that your child has achieved, or even if  they  just want to say hello. We miss their little faces so much.  Hope you enjoy this weeks activities, we will also be doing them in school with the children that have returned. Next week we will  be moving onto 'Dragons' and how we can look after our environment. 

As more children are beginning to return to school, we will continue to try and support the children who are still learning at home. I have tried to make the activities as practical as possible so you need very little resources.

You are doing a great job and thank you to those who continue to send in what the children have been doing. This doesn't just have to be the learning that is set. It could be a personal goal that your child has achieved. It may be something they have done or said that has made you think 'Wow!'. We love all of that. 

We are here to help and support in anyway we possibly can. 

Hope you enjoy this weeks activities. 


Hello, we hope you have had a lovely half term and that you are all well at this very tricky time.

It is back to school for some, but not as we know it at the moment. 

I have put together an overview of what we will be learning in school with some suggested activities.

Our Topic this term is 'Monsters'. This will support us in promoting self-awareness and well-being with the children as we encourage them to explore their emotions. 

Mood Monsters

monster stick puppets!

Try these mindful activities with your child!

Good Morning

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. This week we would have been investigating moving toys. Below are some ideas for you to try. You may have your own ideas and that's good too. Have a fun week! 

Good morning,

Attached below are some practical ideas of what we would have been learning this week. Miss Polly had a Dolly, one of my favourites.

Hope you find them useful. Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job. 

Hello to all,

Hope you are having fun doing your learning at home. Thank you to everyone who has sent their learning via Class dojo! I have had some lovely writing, amazing maths, fun science activities and even children going on environmental walks. (observing safe distancing of course). 

This weeks story is 'Going on a bear Hunt' by Micheal Rosen. I have attached some ideas for activities and links to the story and songs. Hope they are helpful. Also don't forget the daily phonics on my activity page. They have had lots of views, so i am assuming they are helping. Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy the week! 

Hello to all,

Hope you have had a lovely Easter break. I know its a little early but I have placed an overview of what we would have been covering next week. Our topic would have been 'In our day' and we would have been looking at 'Toys' of all kinds, from now, and in the past. The overview is there as suggestions of practical activities you could do next week. There will be ideas each week to keep you busy. 

Remember a school day is entirely different from a day at home. Yes! Have a routine! However make sure it is fun when you are doing the suggested activities, and you don't have to spend hours doing them. 

Also as the week goes on there will be phonics lessons and maths lessons for your children to follow. Again these will be as practical as possible. 

Feel free to drop suggestions and feedback on Classdojo. We are here to help as much as we possibly can.

Oh! and keep those pictures of activities coming we love to see what you have been learning. 

Hello to All,


Easter holiday time.

You will find below some suggestions on how to have fun in your outdoor space. If you haven't any outdoor space they could be fun to try indoors too!

Have a lovely Easter break!

Don't forget you can message us with your child's achievements on Classdojo.

We have already received some fantastic learning. So thank you for that.

You can also contact us on there with any questions or queries you may have.

Check back soon for more fun ideas!

Week 6 is here! Hope all is well with you and your families. We are sending all our thoughts and love at this tricky time. We are missing you all very much.

This week would have been our lead up to the Easter holidays. So lots of Easter crafts and talking about Easter.

There are two separate documents one for Nursery and one for Reception to support you with ideas. Of course you can go with your own, that would be fine too. 

Hope you find it comprehensive. Have fun with your child, encourage don't force.

Well hello,


Hope you all are well in these funny times we are having. 

I have put together a bit of a timetable that your child would have been following in school in the hope that it will give you a little something to follow.


I will up date each week with our focus and ideas. 

There is one for Nursery and one for Reception. 


Take care and have fun with you child. 



Welcome back and Happy New Year. What a great start we have had. The children have come back settled and ready to learn. We have had a lovely first week learning about Endangered animals, with a little help from our story of the week 'Oi! Get off our train. 

We have introduced a deconstructed role play into the class this week and the children love it. They use their imagination and communication  skills to build a number of different vehicles. 

Our topic this term is Rails, Roads and Runways. (Transport). So lots of fun to be had.


A great start to the New Year.

Autumn 2

Just one more week before our little break from everything, then we are back to being busy. We return on Monday 4th November. Our parents evenings will be the week commencing 11th November on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please see any of the foundation team to make an appointment. 

Next term our topic will be Festivals and Christmas and we have lots of  fun and exciting things to look forward to. 



Autumn 1

What a great start to the new school year.

The children have all been busy getting to know the environment and having lots of hands on experiences. 

A warm welcome to all our new nursery children who are settling quite nicely and enjoying our very busy unit.

We have learned about ourselves and our families, and more recently about The Harvest and Autumn. We have had stories, played instruments and sang songs. Hopefully the children are coming home and sharing a little about the things we have been learning about.

Thank you to parents for all the help and support on getting your child settled in. It's a tricky business when they enter a new environment. However now they are settling we can get on and have lots of fun and exciting learning moments.


Welcome to Ladybird's Page


We are looking forward to seeing all the foundation stage children soon!

Our topic will be 'wonderful me'.

Watch this space for photographs of our exciting activities!


Here's a look at the wonderful activities our foundation children have been involved in.


Our topic this term is all about being a hero!

Here are some of the exciting things we have been experiencing in our foundation unit.

We enjoyed experimenting, as part of a whole school science afternoon.

Come and take 5 minutes to reflect, in our thinking zone.

Have a drink in our ice cafe.

Our new puppet theatre!

Welcome back to Unstone EYFS unit. 

We hope you have had a good holiday and are ready for our new term.


Here is a great place to see what we have been working on as a class and to share photos and examples of your children's work. We are incredibly proud of all the children in our EYFS unit and all the fun that we have together.


Our current topic is ...

We will be looking at our topic through the 7 Areas of Learning that we enjoy in our EYFS unit. 

  • PSED - Looking after ourselves, making friends and keeping healthy
  • C&L - Communication and Language, learning how to get our point across and listen to our friends
  • Literacy - Reading and Writing, learning sounds and mark making
  • Maths - Counting, playing with numbers and learning about shapes
  • EAD - Lots of role play, acting and creating fantastic art work
  • UTW - Learning all about people, communities, the world around us and technology
  • PD - Physical development. Gross motor, such as dancing and riding bikes and fine motor such as cutting with scissors and holding a pencil.
As part of our EAD, we have been making transient art. This is art that is made up of different objects which are then put away again afterwards.  This type of art is fantastic for trying out ideas and thinking about design.
Below are some links to websites that support the work we are doing in school.