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Hello pickles! As you may have realised, school is having to work a little bit differently over the next few weeks and so we have created this special section for you to be able to check into. Here you will be able to find videos, files and documents that will help you to keep up with your learning.


All of the teachers at school have made up packs for you to work through. Some of these things you can do by yourself and some you might need to ask a grown-up to help you. Any work that you have done, you can upload pictures onto Class Dojo, and I will have a look.  In fact, I can't wait to see what you guys get up to. Remember, I will be just as happy seeing you bake a cake or finish a mini project as I will seeing you working on your Maths and English.


Though it may seem a bit scary, this is actually an amazing opportunity. You are going to be in charge of your learning, and I know that you will try, build, create, work out, puzzle, think about and write some incredible things.  You are amazing and we are always here for you!




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TTRockstars -


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Daily 10 Maths (needs flash player) -

(Year 3 = Level 3  Year 4 = Level 4)


Lots of different games to play -


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Oh my goodness, how are we half way through the year already?


So far this year, we have been witches and wizards learning the arts of magic at Hogwarts. We even had the chance to visit the real life film sets where our favourite characters were brought to life.  We have also been on our residential. It was so much fun to discover the great outdoors and put new skills to the test such as fire-lighting and baking.


Last term we looked at the differences between the UK and America, tasting some very strange foods and  looking how history has shaped towns in the two different countries. We also spent time looking at how Unstone has changed over the last 100 years which was lots of fun.


We are looking forward to getting our teeth in the Forest Schools ethos as the weather improves.  Mrs Hinde and Mrs O'Hara have had their Level 3 training and we have been fortunate enough to gain access to an area of woodland that is perfect for practising our forest school skills.



In Literacy this term we are going to be trying our hand at writing Balanced Arguments deciding whether or not it was fair to keep Plague victims and their families trapped in their houses. We will look at the pros and cons of the idea of quarantine and then make our own informed decisions.  This will lead onto some Historical Narrative based on Plague times and looking at some of the tricky decisions and bravery that had to be shown in the face of adversity.






In Maths we will spend the term investigating Multiplication and Division. We will continue our TTRockstars challenge. Who will be our first Rock Legend? Year 4s will be learning about Statistics and Year 3s will be challenging themselves to remember all their Fact Families.

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Science and Topic

In Science it is going to be all about SOUND! We will be looking at how sound is vibrations and waves, how we hear and how we can affect pitch and volume in different ways.



In Topic this term we will be investigating the GREAT PLAGUE in all its gory and gross glory.  We will have a visit from The Plague Doctor who will teach us all about the weird and wonderful cures that people tried.  We will also learn about the bravery of the people of Eyam who risked their own lives and those of their families to stop the spread of this horrible disease.

#HorribleHistories - The Plague Song | Horrible Songs | Measly Middle Ages

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