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Welcome to Acorns' Class Page

Welcome to the Acorn's class page.  Here you will find lots of information about what we are doing in school and the different topics that we are learning.  


We are en route to Easter and although this may be a short term, these five weeks will be packed with fantastic learning opportunities and exciting fact finding!

                                                                                              There will be volcanic explosions, tussling tectonic plates and bone-shaking earthquakes. We will also have the opportunity to discuss the impact that these have on communities.


Swimming will continue starting on the first Monday back so please remember you towels and swimming costumes.







In Literacy this term we will be looking at Newspaper Reports. Children will be learning the terminology used for different sections of reports, making sure that names and dates are correct and learning how to choose the appropriate quotes from interviews.


After learning about all the features of newspaper reports, children will also have the opportunity to write their own newspaper report about some of the more extreme events that happen on Earth. 




In our reading, we will be finding out about the different forms of extreme weather events as well as earthquakes and volcanoes! Through shared reading opportunities and whole class discussion, we will be able to deepen our knowledge and understanding of what causes such destructive occurrences. 


Not only that, we will also be building up our reading, writing and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills which will build to help us become the best writers!


In Maths Acorns will spend the term investigating fractions, decimals and money and statistics. Year 3 children will finish their unit on multiplication and division before learning about money. They will then work on graphs and tables in statistics .  Year 4s will be investigating fractions and will be introduced to decimals.  They will also use a variety of methods that will support their mental and written maths skills in their daily fluent in five sessions.

Fractions Song


In Topic this term we will be looking at our Extreme Earth. We will find out all about everything from volcanoes to tsunamis, earthquakes to sandstorms.  


Opportunities will also be given for children to discuss and consider ways that we can help with the current humanitarian impact on Syria and Turkey following on from the recent earthquakes.                                                 


In Science this term we will be investigating States of Matter.  This will involve learning about solids, liquids and gases and how materials can change their depending on temperature, pressure and the addition or removal of energy.



We will look at how the particles that make up materials change depending on whether they are a solid, a liquid or a gas. Our experiments include how to work out which drink is the fizziest and how temperature affects chocolate.