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Welcome to Acorns' Class Page

Welcome to the Acorn's class page.  Here you will find lots of information about what we are doing in school and the different topics that we are learning.  


We are so excited to welcome you all back to school after a fantastic summer holiday.  For those of you that are joining us here from the Infant School, we cannot wait to get stuck in to all our amazing topics and learning. Equally those that are returning to join Year 4, I know how proud you will make us modelling how we learn at the Junior School and supporting the new members of our class.




In Literacy this term we are going to be spending our sessions learning about the Ancient Greeks, in particular we will find out about a little boy named Demon who is given a tricky job by his father (who just happens to be a God). By reading the text together, we will follow him on his journey and also find out about some of the fantastical creatures found in Ancient Greek mythology.



Our whole class reading book will be Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, at the end of each day we will hear all about the adventures and perils that Percy faces as he navigates his way through the world of Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. 



In our writing, we will be designing our own mythical creatures, writing narratives about an Ancient Greek character and creating a Greek God fact file.


Not only that, we will also be building up our reading, writing and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills that will build to help us become the best writers!


In Maths Acorns will spend the term investigating place value. Year 3 children will be really getting to grips with hundreds, tens and ones.  By practising using Base 10, counters and place value charts, we will build up confidence using numbers up to 1000.  Year 4s will look at numbers beyond 1000 as well as recapping what has been learnt in Year 3. We will then move on to addition and subtraction using a variety of different methods, both mental and written.

Place Value video for our Year 3s

Here is one for our Year 4s that goes all the way to the millions

Science and Topic

In Science it is going to be all about forces and magnets.  We will be investigating questions like how magnets work? Why do objects roll down hills? Why is it harder to push something on carpet than on a wooden floor? 








In Topic this term we will be looking at The Ancient Greeks and how their way of life still influences ours today.  We will be learning about the different styles of government Democracy, Oligarchy and Tyranny as well as trying our hand at Greek Art and looking at the daily lives of the Ancient Greek people.