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 Welcome to all the new Year 3s and welcome back to our Year 4s.


We have got an incredibly exciting year ahead of us. There are fantastic and fun whole school topics and we have got trips and visitors planned to help us with our learning. 


So far this year, we have been witches and wizards learning the arts of magic at Hogwarts. We even had the chance to visit the real life film sets where our favourite characters were brought to life.  We have also been on our residential. It was so much fun to discover the great outdoors and put new skills to the test such as fire-lighting and baking.


We are looking forward to getting our teeth in the Forest Schools ethos as Mrs Hinde and Mrs O'Hara have had their Level 3 training and we have been fortunate enough to gain access to an area of woodland that is perfect for practising our forest school skills.



In Literacy this term we are going to be trying our hand at Persuasive Writing by creating travel brochures based on our topic of Home and Away. We will be trying to convince you to visit the village of Unstone and the city of Beaumont, Texas by using lots of persuasive techniques.  We are also going to put ourselves into the shoes of a historical inhabitant and write a Historical Fiction about a day in the life of a mine worker from over 100 years ago.





In Maths we will spend the term investigating Multiplication and Division. We will continue our TTRockstars challenge. Who will be our first Rock Legend? Year 4s will be learning about Statistics and Year 3s will be challenging themselves to remember all their Fact Families.

Roman Numerals

Science and Topic

In Science it is going to be all about electricity! There will be lots of building circuits, investigating how electricity travels and why it is so important for our lives. We might even try to have a school day without using there is a challenge!

In Topic this term we will be comparing and contrasting the differences between the UK and the USA. We may speak the same language but we will be looking at what it is that makes us different too. By focusing on a particular city, we will be able to see what different foods are available (and which ones we share). We will even have the opportunity to interview an American citizen about what it is like to live there.



DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

4 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!