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Year 1/2 Butterflies

A very warm welcome back to school!

We have had a great first week getting to know each other again.

We have learned lots already and we are excited to learn much, much more.

Our topic for the Autumn term is 'Celebrating Life'  and the question is 'What makes me wonderful?'

We will be learning about our bodies and our senses. Painting self portraits and studying the local area.

In PE we will be learning about agility, balance and co-ordination.

Of course let's not forget our amazing Forest School, where the children learn about nature, mindfulness, perseverance, creativity and much more. In our experience it also helps to boost the children's confidence in their own abilities. 

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Welcome Back!

We are so happy to have everyone ack at school and all of the teachers are so proud of the way the children have settled in. Our topic is superheroes and already we have had a visit from a billion and a hero. Our classes may look a little bit different and we are making sure everyone is safe but we are still learning lots and having fun. 

Here are some personal, social and emotional lessons to help you discuss changes that are happening in your child's life.

28th April

Handwriting Powerpoint and practice sheets

Happy Easter - have a go at this easter egg challenge.

3rd April 2020 Challenges

2nd April 2020 Challenges

1st April 2020 Challenges

30th March 2020 Challenges

27th March 2020 Challenges

If you are getting a bit fed up with the lovely Joe Wicks here is another excellent PE site that we use in our curriculum at school.  It is called REAL PE and includes online games which support families to be active, play and learn together.  It has a programme specially designed for Early Years and Key Stage 1 with over 250 activities and challenges.  


The website address is:

Parent email:

Password: unstonestm


26th March 2020 Challenges

25th March 2020 Challenges

24th March 2020 Challenges

23rd March Challenges

20th March 2020 Challenges

Daily Timetable

If you are struggling to fill your days it sometimes helps to have a timetable to keep a daily routine.  Here is one you may wish to use:


  • 9am - 10am  Make your own breakfast, wash the pots and put them away.
  • 10am - 11am  Exercise (we like Joe Wickes' daily PE lesson on youtube)
  • 11am - 12am Maths challenge (you can use our set challenges or find some great ideas online)
  • 12am - 1pm Lunch time
  • 1pm - 2pm  Writing challenge (you can use our set challenges or write a diary, a shopping list, a comic - whatever interests you) 
  • 2pm - 3pm Playtime (use your imagination, draw, bake, build).
  • 3pm - 5pm Family time (telly time, games time, ipad time)
  • 5pm - 6pm Teatime
  • 6pm - 7pm Bath time and reading challenge


Remember your grown up may have to work at home for a while so do your best to keep your mind and body busy and help your grown up when they ask.  Try not to frazzle your brain with too much screen time.  We can't wait to hear how you have filled your days. 






Dear Children and Parents, 

Here are a list of ideas, websites and activities to keep your brilliant brains busy while we are not at school. Keep looking at the website and we will put lots more ideas on.   We hope you keep safe and well and enjoy this special time at home together.  This is your chance to explore things that you are really interested in and we would love to hear all about your adventures in learning when we get back to normal.  We will miss you all and look forward to us all being back together in our happy little class.  




World Book Day

All the children looked amazing today for world book day. They had a character parade, completed a storybook scavenger hunt and enjoyed sharing books together. 


Final Destination India

For the last destination on our around the world trip we packed our saris and set off for the beautiful country of India.  We looked at clothes and religious artefacts and we ate naan bread and curry. We enjoyed Indian music and we drew festival elephants. Whilst we were in assembly a beautiful hot air balloon took off from the fields behind our school. We think it was setting off to India!






Australia and Italy


The children had great adventures in Italy and Australia this week.  The children learnt lots of interesting facts about these different countries. They wrote entries in a travel journal and looked at landscapes and art. They enjoyed pizza from Italy and a bushtucker trial from Australia! They did some beautiful art about the buildings of Italy and the gondoliers of Venice. 




Multicultural Week has begun..

... and what a fantastic start we have had!  Lovely Laura Wood, Mrs Wood’s daughter, came to talk to the whole school about her experiences of living and teaching in Vietnam. She showed us photos of her class, her hectic journey to work and all the unusual sights, sounds and smells of this wonderful . She bought along beautiful lanterns, bags and artwork to show us. The children tasted pho, a traditional noodle dish and in the afternoon they used watercolour paints to recreate Vietnamese landscape art.






Sherwood Christmas Trail


KS1 children had a wonderful day with Maid Marion and Robin Hood looking for Christmas decorations on a festive woodland trail. They had to get stamps on a winter passport and learn all about Christmas in medieval times in order to win a bag of treasure.   After lunch they took part in a play about Robin Hood and his Merry Men and they made Christmas decorations before enjoying a winter story with hot chocolate. Robin Hood said our children were amazing!
















Musical Mayhem

Here at Unstone St Mary’s Infant School we have the loveliest parents. Look at the wonderful music centre they made for our playground. Our children have been making music and songs ever since it was installed. A big thank you for making playtimes musical!



Preparing for Christmas

Lucky Y1 children were taken to Ferndale Garden centre, where they learnt about winter plants and all the plants that are used in Christmas decorations around the world. Children helped make giant door wreaths and were give a tour of the magical Christmas garden centre whilst enjoying a Christmas bun.




The children also worked with Mrs Alexander to make an assortment of decorations for the display in the Dronfield church alongside other schools and local businesses. 













Children in Need

Our children collected money for Childre in Need today. They wore spotty clothes and generously gave their money to this much deserved charity. In the afternoon the children discussed the need for charities like this and designed a plan for future fundraising events. 

Hindu Temple

Key Stage 1 children had a wonderful day at Derbyshire Open Centre today.  They visited the colourful temple and smelled the insense, listened to the bells and saw the beautiful Gods and Godesses.  As it is tradition to leave with a gift the children were all given a chocolate.  The children recognised the elephant God Ganesh and the monkey God Hanuman.  After the children were told the Diwali story of Rama and Sita  and made Diva lamps from clay.  They were very respectful, well behaved and a credit to our school.










Wonderful Us

What a fantastic start to the new school year. The topic for Butterflies this half term is Wonderful Us and the children have been talking and learning about themselves, their families, their homes and their community. They have explored different religions and celebrated ways we are all unique through the book Julian is a mermaid. 










Sun and sea

Our topic this half term has been The seaside. The children have been learning about features of coastal Britain, comparing seasides of today with those from the past, writing about lighthouse keepers and dazzling rainbow fishes. They will end the school year with a trip to Cleethorpes for sandcastle making and ice cream eating!



School Superheroes

Butterflies have been learning all about superheroes this half term. They have been thinking of their own superhero names, designing costumes and testing their superpowers!






As part of our Superhero topic Butterflies showed their amazing super powers by climbing up walls and flying above our heads. Once again all the teachers were amazed by the courage, team work and sheer physical strength our fabulous children have!






Easter Fun



The children took part in lots of Easter fun activities, including an Easter service and bonnet parade, smarties data handling and an egg drop challenge.



World Book Day 


The children all came in fantastic costumes for World Book Day!  Mrs Farrar pretended to be Willy Wonka and awarded golden tickets with winning numbers for chocolate prizes. We have celebrated world book day all week with parents visiting and hearing their children read and lots of competitions for our young readers, writers and illustrators.  


Fantastic Fruit

To start our food topic Butterflies looked at the work of Cezanne.  Look at our fantastic still life art.  






For the weather topic we made kites and wind chimes.



We learnt about the culture, art, food and people from different countries in multicultural week.





We solved money problems and bought real things from the teacher’s shop.



Welcome to Year 1/2!


Our topic this half term has been weather and seasons. Look at all the fantastic things we have done!




Making waterproof shelters, going on winter literacy walks, making bottle tornadoes.