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School Uniform

At Unstone Schools Federation we aim to foster a feeling of community within our school. We prefer all children to wear school uniform. We believe that it is smart, it gives the school an identity and it gives the child a sense of belonging.


We know that the majority of our parents want their children to wear school uniform and we hope that all parents will support our dress code.


Our school uniform is as follows:


  • White or pale blue polo shirt/T Shirt, with or without school badge
  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan, with the school badge
  • Red checked dresses for summer
  • Black or grey trousers or skirt
  • Black shoes


All pupils both boys and girls with long hair should have it tied back for health and safety reasons and also to stop the spread of head lice.


We ask parents not to send their children to school wearing:


  • Jeans
  • Unsuitable shoes e.g. high heels or flip flops
  • Branded clothes
  • Beach wear e.g. bermuda shorts
  • Sportswear e.g. football or cycle shorts or shell suits.
  • Make up, nail varnish or excessive amounts of hair gel
  • Jewellery
  • Extreme haircuts and styles and hair colours


During PE it is important for reasons of hygiene and safety that pupils have a change of clothing.


For safety reasons children and staff should wear light clothing which does not inhibit movement, catch in apparatus or obscure vision; footwear must ensure grip during activity; it is unhygienic for children to remain in the same clothing after they have been active and they should appreciate the convention that sporting activities require different specialised items of clothing.


Hair should be tied back so that safety is not jeopardised by catching it in apparatus or obscuring vision.


PE uniform:


  • T-shirt in their house colour and plain shorts.
  • Bare feet for some indoor lessons
  • Trainers for outdoor / field use
  • Tracksuit or suitable clothing for winter
  • Red Hoodie for outdoor use


All items of PE clothing should be named and kept in school in a named bag. Kit should be taken home regularly for washing.